www.defininghumanity.org And in that moment, I swear we were just there for the pretty colors ₪ ø lll ·o.
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i'M so glad you mentioned immortals BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE BEEN DISAPPOINTED IF YOU DIDNT (ugh I've had the dumb chorus stuck in my head for like.. a week or so....)

WHY WOULD I NOT MENTION IT. IT’S FALL OUT BOY AND BIG HERO 6. Literally two of my favorite things mashed into one. (this is literally the most excited I’ve been for an animated movie and i keeps getting worse every day. i’m moving over to the dark side of animationnnnn noraaaa makeee itt stoppp)

So I write weekly music news round-ups for geekynews.com and they’re totally awesome and you all should read them!

(They’re all pretty much me freaking out over new songs, videos, and Fall Out Boy. But mostly Fall Out Boy.)

Plus, you should check out the site in general if you’ve never been on it. We’re pretty cool :)

Here’s the one from today:




asgard’s next top model

Look how happy Fandral looks, like he’s totally aware how fabulous they look. 

He probably coordinated this whole scene.

"Sif you and I will be in the middle, cause we’re the most fabulous."

"Do that thing that makes your ponytail swing."

"Come on guys, it’ll feel goofy but it’s gonna look so fuckin’ good."

they’re all about to trip over a bench